«RATIP» History
The fight against terrorism
is our common purpose

$240 000 000 

History of the Pool

Due to the increasing in recent years terrorist attacks the need to provide a reliable insurance protection against terrorist risks is becoming more and more relevant. Separate insurance companies do not always have sufficient financial resources for the insurance of large industrial, transport and other objects from the risks of terrorism. In order to carry out such insurance they need strong reinsurance protection, support of other participants in the insurance market. To meet the growing demand in the corresponding reinsurance capacities the Russian insurers pooled their resources.

The Russian anti-terrorist insurance pool was established in December 20, 2001 by the six leading Russian insurance companies. In 2020 the number of the Pool’s members totals to 22, and its total capacity equals $ 240 000 000.

Reinsurance of terrorism risks is carried out on the obligatory basis among all the members of the Pool.

In their work the members use the centralized automated control and workflow system (ACWS of RATIP) specially implemented within the Pool, which allows them to produce "online" reinsurance of the risks.

The RATIP operates in compliance with its constituent documents, signed by all its participants.

The supreme body of the Pool is the Supervisory Board (Chairman Alexander Gulchenko, OJSIC RESO-GUARANTIA).

The working body of the pool is the Executive Committee (Chairman Elena Venevtseva).

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