The fight against terrorism
is our common purpose
$258 000 000 

Our history

The Russian Anti-Terrorism Insurance Pool (RATIP) was established on December 20, 2001 by six largest Russian insurance companies to meet the needs for reinsurance of the risks of terrorism and sabotage on the national insurance market. At that period a serious shortage of reinsurance capacities took place: due to the WWT 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks, many international insurers refused to write these risks and even left the market as a result of their insolvency.

In 2022, the number of participants is 22, and the total capacity of the pool is of 258 million US dollars, which represents the largest one dedicated to the risks of terrorism and sabotage in Russia and the former USSR.

The RATIP's work is oriented on:

  • Development of the national reinsurance capacity to cover the risks of terrorism and sabotage;
  • Development of a uniform tarification for the risks of terrorism/sabotage and related risks;
  • Development of insurance products (insurance conditions) to cover the risks of terrorism/sabotage and related perils;
  • Control over the financial stability of the Pool members;
  • Ensuring the interaction of participants for the timely and qualified settlement of losses.

The RATIP is the only voluntary association in the Russian insurance market that successfully operates and develops without any government support.

The RATIP is a member of the IFTRIP - an international association of terrorism (re)insurance pools, with a leading position in it.

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