«RATIP» Principles
The fight against terrorism
is our common purpose

$240 000 000 

Working Principles

The Pool has no restrictions by quantity of participants. The criterion for the new members admission is the solvency of the insurer.

The share of each participant is determined in accordance with the methodology on the calculation of the maximum retention value. Every participant can independently determine his share, but within the limits not exceeding its maximum value allowed.

The Pool's capacity:

  • as of the 2020 – $ 240 000 000.

The work of Pool is based on the following directions:

  • Creation of national reinsurance capacity against the risks of terrorism and sabotage;
  • Development of a unified tariffing of the risks of terrorism and sabotage;
  • Development of an insurance product (insurance conditions) against the risks of terrorism and sabotage;
  • Monitoring the financial stability of its members.

The governing bodies of the Pool are the Supervisory Board and the Executive Committee.

Activities of the Pool cover the property insurance, construction risks, cargo, etc.

The Executive Committee of the Pool prepared the declaration form of terror risk, as well as accounting documents and forms of reinsurance bordereaux which are issued according to the results of the quarterly operations of each of the participants of the Pool. All the documentation is approved by the Supervisory Board.

The form of the reinsurance of the risks, being declared by the members, is obligatory. Participants are not entitled to refuse to accept the risk, except in cases where insurance is provided within the conditions not agreed with the participants of the Pool.

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